Promise for Wellbeing

Alnes Pharma India Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing pharmaceutical company engaged in promoting its own brand of medicines across a wide range of healthcare segments. Led by a highly experienced team with 50+ years of collective experience in pharmaceutical development and sales, the company finds its niche in bringing essential medicines to people at affordable prices.

Built on strong ethical principles, Alnes brings to market quality medications with requisite certifications and approvals through strategic partnerships with India’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers compliant with stringent production and quality benchmarks, including WHO-GMP, JAS-ANZ, and ISO 9000:2015, among others.

Embracing its core values, the customer-centric pharmaceutical company promotes the highest quality products, services, and practices through innovative value-added marketing strategies that prioritise patient benefits for improved Quality of Life.


Certified Medicines


Best Sales Network

Core Values

Committed to learning

Continuous learning to achieve outstanding performance, protect intellectual property and maintain market competitiveness.


Constant innovation to stay relevant, cost-effective and in demand in a competitive, me-too-oriented market.


Agility and adaptability in operations to overcome market challenges and leverage new technology with a far-reaching goal of societal good.

Highest Quality standards

Conscious approach towards maintaining the highest standards of quality in people, products, systems, and processes.

Performance Orientation

Recognising and rewarding high performers with accolades and creating career opportunities to the deserved.


High emphasis on ethics and integrity in all aspects and conducts of the business with zero tolerance policy towards contradicting practices.

Being Humane

Nurturing a warm, respectful work culture with sustainability, servitude and nation- building at the core of all operations.


Embracing organisational values and becoming most respectable & valued pharmaceutical company in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.


“Serving humanity through Innovation and excellence”



Suresha Eranna

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Suresha Eranna, Chairman and Managing Director, Alnes Pharma India Pvt Ltd, is a seasoned entrepreneur with vast and diverse experience in healthcare, especially in the diagnostic and pharma retail businesses. Working on his vision to give the people of India an ethically-run pharmaceutical company that offers high-quality medicines at affordable prices to help patients across economic strata, Mr. Suresha established Alnes Pharma in 2021 in Bengaluru, India. With the philosophy to cater to all the demands of the healthcare segment, Alnes has emerged as a single-point access for various healthcare services and products, from Diagnostics cum multi-specialty centres to retail chain outlets to pharmaceutical products. Leveraging his acquaintances and alliances with pharma majors, wholesalers and chemists, Alnes continues to harness key capabilities in contract manufacturing and distribution through professional business partnerships.

As an industry expert, Mr. Suresha understands the evolving Indian pharma market and proactively guides the team in building sustainable brand leadership in futuristic products. In a short span, he has built a high-calibre team and a strong brand presence in the Indian market. He is now focused on building robust digital sales & distribution for the company.